Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

You Guys!! It's here! Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! Its Black Friday and Christmas all in one! 

What is the Nordstrom Sale? Well, its where you get to shop new arrivals for fall/winter pieces from your favorite brands at low-prices. Its their biggest sale of the year. 

The sale starts Today, July 12th for Early Access(card members), which is 7 days before the general public and runs through August 4th. Online and In-Stores. I highly recommend becoming a cardmember, and you can sign up here. Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns!!

If you aren't a Card Member the sale runs from July 19th - August 4th. Things sell out pretty fast, so I recommend making a list for the top items you want- so you can shop them first. For me, I take advantage of the booties, cardigans, and beauty gift sets. 

Side Note: From July 19th - August 4th- stop in to any store for inspiration and education on ALL things beauty! As well as on Sunday, July 28th for Self Care Sunday and on Monday, July 29th for National Lipstick Day!

I highly recommend shopping online- they have more to choose from and the stores can get pretty overwhelming. Clothes are everywhere, the store is mobbed, items sell out pretty fast. The only thing good about it, is you are able to try the items on. But remember, I said Nordstrom is great about returns. So order all that you want and know, if it doesn't fit or you do not like it, you can always return it.

You can expect to see pieces from my favorite brands like BP., Leith, Tory Burch, Free People, Topshop,  Madewell, Vince Camuto, Adidas, Nike, and more!

I am sharing my top picks:


I have an OBSESSION with booties. They are my go to for work. I have linked some of my favorites below, in addition to some other shoes.

BP Heath Bootie BP Bootie $69.90 $ 109.95 *

Vince Camuto Gigietta Bootie $99.90 $149.95 My absolute FAVORITE and top pick! I got the color “Tortilla” which is the best light tan suede with a block wood heel, but they come in 5 different colors, including 2 snakeskin options! *

Vince Camuto Nethera Perforated Bootie $99.90 $149.95

Steve Madden Everly Over the Knee Boot $86.90 $129.95

Steve Madden Ankle Strap Sandal $59.90 $89.95

Adidas Swift Run Sneaker $63.90 $85  *

Hunter Rain Boots Black $99 $150 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Sneaker  $58.90  $89  *


Madewell Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater $64.90 $98 Size Down- Runs Large- I got a size XS.  *

Topshop Long Cardigan $44.90 $68 Runs large! Definitely size down. I’m wearing the XS. I purchased Oatmeal! *

Leith Longline Cardigan $45.90 $69 Soft and Lightweight! *

BP. Longline Open Cardigan $31.90 $49  *

BP Everyday V-Neck Sweater $29.90 $45

For that SPLURGE Purchase- This Cashmere sweater is the absolute softest!

Oversized Cashmere Sweater $199.90  $329

Caslon Drape Collar Knit Blazer $38.90 $59

Gibson Cozy Twist Front Pullover $31.90  $49

The North Face Knit Stitch Fleece Hoodie  $48.90 $70

AG The Farrah High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans $149.90 $225 Another SPLURGE of mine. I have been wanting a good pair of designer jeans. *

Free People Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans $51.90  $78

BP. V-Neck Tee $11.90 $15 The best BASIC tees! *

All in Favor Twist Tank $18.90  $29  *

Lace Trim Satin Camisole Top $25.90 $39 These sell out FAST. Make sure you snag yours! Comes in a few different colors/patterns. *

Adidas Original tee $21.90 $30   *


Tory Burch Everly Leather Flap Saddlebag $305.90 $458 I snagged this one in the cream color! Perfect transition from Summer to Fall. *

Tory Burch Mini Everly Bag $165.90 $248 This bag is a super slim crossbody that’s perfect for traveling and those nights out! There are card slots built into it so that you don’t have to put a wallet inside and it stays super lightweight.  This one is a top-seller every year, so be sure to grab one ASAP if you love it!   *

Tory Burch Everly Leather Tote $352.90 $528 The perfect work bag! Fits a laptop and or planner!

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses $141.90 $213    *


I love pajamas - especially a cute set or nightshirt. And these two below are SO soft. I live in Florida, but they also have the set in Long Sleeve/Pants.
Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Nightshirt  $31.90  $49  *
Moonlight Short Pajamas $35.90   $55

Another SPLURGE of mine are these Silk pillowcases. I have been dying for them, they are so good for your hair and minimize frizz! WORTH IT!

slip™ for beauty sleep Slipsilk™ Pure Silk Queen Pillowcases $119  $170  *

MAC Up Close and Personal Lip Kit  $36.50  $54

Oribe Full Size Magic Styling Set $61  $92

La Mer Mini Miracles Collection $90  $122 If you have been wanting to try this brand- this is a HUGE STEAL and a great way to test out their products. *

PRO TIP: Use your Personal Double Points Day(s) to earn double the points! Think of all the rewards!! 


Traveling: Carry On Essentials - Purse Edition

Monday, July 8, 2019

Packing the right things in your carry on is huge! 
This list is mainly for a carry-on that holds the must have items while everything else goes in your checked luggage- which I have a checklist for that. The Ultimate packing list- check it out here.

In addition to the below and it kind of goes without saying, but I am going to say it: Make sure you have your Tickets and/or passport if needed.

Also! Remember when packing - store all your valuables in your carry on luggage, as well as an extra pair of clothes, and anything else important. This is just a safety measure in case the airlines unfortunately lose your luggage.

Most of the below items are what I store in my purse. But I purchase a large purse to make sure everything I need is in one bag! 

I have linked some items on my App (Search under Influencer - Alyssa Tatesure) some of my travel favs. Check it out for direct access to the items/websites.

Other items to consider:

  • Portable charger - the carry-on suitcase I recommend has one attached. But this one will be for your purse as a back up in case.
  • Snacks/Water
  • Neck Pillow
  • Light Sweater - I like to use this as a blanket on the flight. 

What are your must have items that you need to have in your Carry on? Let me know in the comments below. 

Traveling: The Ultimate Packing List

I absolutely LOVE to go on vacation and to travel. 

Every time I am getting ready to go on a trip, I panic with the thought of all I need to pack. I am always so worried that I am going to forget something. Now that I have a child whom I also need to pack for- I stress even more. She's a toddler, so you would think she wouldn't need much. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. They need just as much. Snacks. Diapers. Entertainment. Stroller. Etc. 

In addition to my love for vacations, I also LOVE to make lists- its this weird obsession of mine. I pretty much make a list for everything. There is something also very exciting about checking something off your list, whether it is a packing list or a to-do list. 

Every time a vacation is coming up, what I usually end up doing is getting together a checklist of the necessary things/items that I will need for that trip.

If you are anything like me, then this next part is going to get you really excited. I put together my ULTIMATE Packing list to share with you all so that you do not need to worry about forgetting anything for your future trips. Its a basic list of the essentials- some things necessary and some things maybe not. But either way, its a great start and it'll get your brain flowing with anything else you think you may need. 

Also! Remember when packing - store all your valuables in your carry on luggage/purse, as well as an extra pair of clothes, and anything else important. This is just a safety measure in case the airlines unfortunately lose your luggage.

Feel free to save this picture for future use. Trust me it comes in handy!

I have linked some items here as well as on my App (Search under Influencer - Alyssa Tatesure) some of my travel favs. Check it out for direct access to the items/websites.

Side Note: Just bought the Away luggage, and I am OBSESSED. I got the "Bigger" Carry-On and the Large suitcase. Highly recommend. If purchased together, it actually saves you $40! Huge win! Totally worth the money!

I have linked my set here: 
Away Travel - The Bigger Carry-on
 Away Travel - Large Suitcase

Traveling: Flying with a child : Tips & Tricks

When you have a baby, your whole life flips upside down. A two-hour trip suddenly turns into a massive undertaking because it’s really amazing how much gear one tiny little person requires! Add to the fact that parents of babies are often exhausted, and taking a big trip with a little passenger can seem pretty overwhelming.

I have been there and just recently too! In this post I am going to share some tips and tricks on how to make flying with your child a little less crazy.

Also, there’s no need to try to remember every little piece of equipment on your own – I made this amazing Packing List for Traveling with a Baby just to make your lives a little easier. (check it out here)
From that packing list- I have linked some of my favorites: Check them out on my App (Search under Influencer - Alyssa Tatesure) some of my travel favs. From there you will have direct access to the items/websites to make them easy to purchase!

Tips and Tricks: Flying with an Infant/Toddler
My TOP 7 recommended items:

  • Baby carrier is going to be your lifesaver, especially if you are traveling alone! My recommendation is the ErgoBaby360! 
  • Lightweight Travel Stroller- you will be able to take this all the way to the gate and gate check it at no cost. The one I have linked below is the 3D Summer Infant. It's super lightweight and folds up really quickly without taking up much space.
  • Kids Tablet/iPad - Preload it with games/videos just in case there is no internet to connect to. We have this tablet and its available on Amazon. *Another trick that works with Emily- is scrolling through my videos/photos on my phone. That child LOVES looking at herself. Haha. 
  • Kids Bluetooth Wireless Headphones- Something just good to use if your child will wear them.
  • Diaper Bag- Highly recommend a backpack version. This is the one we have and it stores a lot of stuff! In ours we put the bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra binkies, medicine, travel bottle cleaning kit, and her snacks (puffs, BBQ pringles, and applesauce/fruit pouches). 
  • Kids Backpack- This is where I stored her coloring books, markers, stuffed animal, blanket, sweater, and her water cup.
  • Large Purse for you -(Check out my post on Carry On- Essentials for your purse Here)

Which seat to book when traveling and time of day:

If your child is on a schedule book your flight to take off around nap-time and hopefully you will have the most peaceful flight ever. The same goes for trying to book a flight late in the evening around bedtime so you child will sleep through the flight. 
We just recently flew to Maine, thankfully on a direct flight- we left so early in the morning that Emily slept the entire flight!

Window seats are best for infants. It is more private when you need to breastfeed, and gives a higher chance of napping and staying asleep due to less distraction.

Aisle seats are good for mobile babies as sometimes the airlines will let the babies walk/roam in the walkway a bit. JetBlue allowed Emily to stand and sit in the aisle way as long as they weren't going by with the cart. This allowed her a little extra freedom to move around.

If you can afford it and flights are not too expensive- book your child their own seat- it gives you the extra space. If this is not an option- looking into the Bulkheads seats will give you some extra space as well for them to stand and sit in the floor in front of you.

Getting through airport security:
First check as many bags as possible. This will limit what you need to get through security with.
For a carry on bag, again I highly recommend the Away luggage. The way the wheels move and glide so easily, it makes pushing a stroller and wheeling your luggage a breeze!

For your child- you are allowed to bring formula, bottles filled with water, and snacks. Have it all readily available though as they will require you to have it examined and make sure you place them all in their own separate bin. (This takes extra time, then just going through security so plan accordingly).

Formula: If you don't want to bring the big container (we checked ours in our large suitcase), I used the Formula Dispensers (brought 2- which would make a total of 6 bottles).

I really hope these tips help! Don't forget to check out my other posts:
The Ultimate Packing Checklist
Carry On Essentials: Purse Edition

If you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share, please leave a comment below and let me know! Parents helping Parents! We got this!

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