Monday, April 20, 2020

Hi my fellow parents! 

Have you been playing the home school teacher? Well same! I have a toddler and she is always on the go and needs her routine and structure. I have rounded up my favorites on what is needed. Emily's favorite is paint, she loves to PAINT. Every morning she is yelling for chocolate milk and paint!

 Check them out below. If you go back to the main page, in the tab 'LIKEtoKNOWit', you can see how to get to the direct links to make shopping easier.


The Crayola paint set has been a huge lifesaver. I also got the paint cups with the safety lids so it conserves the paint as well as limits spills.  However, Em loves to paint her hands and then run around like a crazy person... so yes, sometimes the paint gets everywhere but thankfully its washable and comes right off!

The puzzles are great and enable her match things up! Pretty colors too! 

The learning posters are GREAT. I post them on the walls and every time we walk by them we talk about then.. whether its the alphabet, colors, farm animals, etc. There are 12 different ones!! Perfect for toddlers but also have bundles that are great for pre-k and kindergarten as they have ones that teach time, etc. 

The teach my toddler kit also comes in a baby edition!! 

So many cool items. Please share with me any other school learning things i can incorporate! 

Thank you in advance!

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